Better Fitness through Tai Chi

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Course Description

In this 90 minute course, Brad Schultz, a lifelong internal martial artist and Tai Chi teacher, guides you through a comprehensive series of gentle movements to cultivate your mobility, strength and balance.  

Tai Chi is a deceptively simple and effective way to build more strength, better balance and a easy, fluid way of moving.  Studies show that a regular practice yields many health benefits from lowering blood pressure, reducing stress and increasing stamina.

In this course, Brad has curated a selection of movements used to train Tai Chi and Chi Gong martial artists to make them available to anyone seeking to become less sedentary and more better - at every age. 

Course Content

Better Fitness and Balance through Tai Chi

This 90 minute guided session provides you with a comprehensive series of movements to improve your mobility and activate your body and energy. Your subscription gives you lifetime access to the course.
Better Fitness and Balance through Tai Chi