Stress Neck

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Course Description

Learn how to release stress and tension in your neck.  For good.

In this series I will help you identify physical, emotional, and mental habits that lead to a stiff, sore neck.  We explore how mobility and stability co-exist in your neck and how to use your skeleton to provide stability, so your muscles are freed up to move freely.    

As we explore novel movements together, you will also learn more about the habits that create tension and how our protective habits create stiff necks.   We use awareness of your movement and the sensory waking up of “dead zones” in your body to release stress-related habits and learn posture and movement habits that free your neck.

This course is designed for people who suffer from tight necks made tighter by stressful thoughts and feelings.

This series is created by Cheryl based on a tailored selection of Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement lessons and her personal study on the neuromuscular basis for neck tension.  Cheryl spent several years with a stiff sore neck, often causing tension headaches until starting her journey to become a functional movement specialist. 

Cheryl is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner, Integral Master Coach (tm) and Being in Movement practitioner.  Cheryl has followed her curiosity to become a somatic coach over the past 12 years exploring ways to embrace the complexity of being human in an embodied form.  

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Course Content

Head and Shoulders

In these 3 lessons you will learn how to free your neck through rotation and be introduced to thinking habits that influence the level of tension in your neck.
Lesson 1: Stress Neck - Freeing your Neck by Rolling
Lesson 2: Stress Neck - Freeing Your Neck by Rolling Part 2
Lesson 3: Stress Neck - Head and Shoulders

Supporting Your Head as You Move It

In these 3 lessons you will learn how the alignment and movement of your body can increase the level of tension in your neck.
Lesson 4: Stress Neck - Turning with Support
Lesson 5 Stress Neck - Head and Pelvis Around the Clock
Lesson 6: Stress Neck - Pelvis Head and Eyes

Holding and Moving Your Head with Less Tension

In these 3 lessons, you will learn how to hold and move your head with less tension.
Lesson 7: Stress Neck - Lifting Your Head Diagonally