Tai Chi for Sciatica and Hip Health

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Course Description

How can you use movement to reduce the pain and suffering from sciatica?

This one hour video course brings you easy and effective movements from Tai Chi practice to support you if you are suffering from sciatica and sciatic nerve pain. With regular practice, you can move towards wellness and to less sciatica-related pain. 

A devoted martial artist, Brad has used the movements he offers to rid himself of sciatica pain. 


Why this works

We move in habitual ways.  We sit for long periods of time.  The way we move creates an unbalanced way of moving - we use some muscles more than others.  If we exercise, we focus on getting stronger and we carry our muscular habit bias into how we exercise.  We are stronger and we can suffer from pain, numbness or tingling related to irritation of our sciatica nerve. 

These imbalances of how we use ourselves can create the conditions to pinch our sciatica nerve.  We become accustomed to postures that impose pressure on our vertebral discs that can create a  break in the cartilaginous ring, allowing the inner jelly to leak out.  Imbalanced movement habits can exert ongoing pressure on the bones of our spine, leading to the creation of more bone in the shape of a bony spur.

The good news is that you can reverse the conditions that lead to sciatica pain through these simple exercises. 

Brad leads you through a curated series of gentle movement exercises designed to bring you back into balance, activating and strengthening under-used muscles.  These movements guide you to open and free tight areas around your hips, low back and legs.  

Practicing these exercises regularly will help you reduce the overall muscle tension in your legs, hips and back which reverses the conditions that pinch your sciatica nerve. 


More about Brad:

Learn more about Brad and his philosophy of wellness through movement 


Course Content

Tai Chi for Sciatica Sufferers and Hip Health

In this one hour video course, Brad guides you through easy to learn movement exercises that, when performed regularly will help you reduce or even eliminate sciatica pain and increase your overall hip joint health. You will have lifetime access to the course. Each movement series he demonstrates can be performed separately as a daily practice or you can follow the whole course for a thorough movement practice.
Tai Chi for Sciatica and Hip Health